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We map your biological identity using DNA analysis and a scientifically validated development assessment. Our method has a scientific foundation, because we think it is important that the models we use are reliable and valid. To achieve this, we collaborate with a team of respected international scientists, who regularly have their work published in international peer-reviewed academic journals.


The scientific publications on which our perception of the biological identity of mankind is based,
have received several international academic awards.

Scientific Publications.

We set great store by being open and transparent about the scientific principles that underlie our ideas, which is why we present an overview of the most influential articles on which our models are based. You are cordially invited to read them. Should you have any questions, or wish to exchange ideas on this, you can contact us contact.

  • Success factors in sales

    Drivers of sales performance: a contemporary meta-analysis. Have salespeople become knowledge brokers?
    AMA Sales SIG for Excellence in Research Award for 2011

  • The role of dopamine in customer-oriented sales

    Genetic and neurological foundations of customer orientation: field and experimental evidence.
    Sheth Foundation Best Paper Award JAMS 2012

  • Social and professional adroitness within organisations

    Theory of mind and empathic explanations of Machiavellianism: an organizational neuroscience perspective.

  • How oxytocin influences customer relations

    Polymorphisms of the OXTR gene explain why sales professionals love to help customers.

  • Empathetic skills of salespersons

    A Sales force–specific Theory-of-Mind scale: tests of its validity by classical methods and Functional Magnetic Resonance imaging.

  • The importance of one’s upbringing for Sales

    The role of attachment styles in regulating the effects of dopamine in the behavior of salespersons.

  • About sales anxiety

    Sales call anxiety: exploring what it means when fear rules a sales encounter.

  • Why some salespersons have a problem with selling new products

    Salespersons as internal knowledgebrokers and new product selling: discovering the link to genetic makeup.

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