BrainCompass | Step 3: Online Feedback

Step 3: Online Feedback

In your personal InsightYou profile, we combine the results from your development assessment and DNA analysis, giving you insight into your biological identity.

Personal profile.

Your personal Compass gives you insight into your biological identity. This profile contains the results of your DNA analysis and your online development assessment, with a clear explanation of how you can interpret the results. Your profile is strictly for you. It is up to you whether you want to share the insights with others.

Tips from practice.

In order to secure the optimum practical relevance of our profiles, the feedback we give to you is supplemented with practical examples and development tips from your professional field. We have sought out respected (international) top-ranking professionals within your discipline ready to share their success factors with you. Now you can immediately set in motion the insights into your biological identity.

New insights.

BrainCompass is continuously collaborating with a group of international scientists to further optimise the model behind the profiles. Thus, BrainCompass stimulates the creation of a sustainable research platform, adding to an anonymous database used by scientists to do ground-breaking research. Moreover, we are creating a feed-forward system, allowing for the new scientific insights to be immediately processed in the InsightYou feedback system, from which you can profit immediately. A unique form of co-creation. And we are proud of that.

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