BrainCompass | Step 1: DNA analysis

Step 1: DNA analysis

Insight into your biological identity begins with understanding your own DNA.

Why DNA.

In order to understand where your talents, intuitions and preferences stem from, one must start with the basis. The origin of our biological identity is our DNA. Therefore, we combine the latest scientific insights in the field of DNA, to give professionals even better insight into themselves.

Privacy First

In developing the system of DNA analysis combined with online development assessment, confidentiality is our main concern.

Insight for you alone

We will never share the results of your DNA Compass with anyone else, including your employer. It is up to you whether you want to share your results, and with who

Professional Context

We do not examine DNA genomes that predict diseases or genetic disorders. Our DNA analysis method is not suited for that.

Predict or Explain.

‘Who we are’ and ‘what we do’ are determined by a complex interplay between nature (DNA) and nurture (background). It is therefore impossible to say anything about a person merely on the basis of DNA. Our biological identity is also formed by the way in which we are raised, as well as our later life experiences. As a consequence, one cannot make any predictions about an individual based on DNA analysis results alone. DNA has an explanatory value: it helps us understand the causes of someone’s natural behaviour.

How we measure DNA.

We look at your DNA obtained from saliva. You can provide a sample via the unique BrainCompass DNA kit. Your DNA is then analysed in an ISO17025 certified laboratory in the Netherlands. This is to ensure that your DNA is processed safely and reliably.

Watch the tutorial above to learn how to sample your DNA

Privacy and Anonymity.

Your DNA data is analysed USING a 14-digit barcode, which we call a DNA key. This means that you can safely return your saliva via mail. By separating your personal data from your DNA data in such a way, we have opted for maximum security.

Download our Privacy Code

DNA Key.

This personal DNA key that you receive also plays a crucial role in obtaining your feedback. Every time you log into your personal BrainCompass account, you are asked to enter your unique DNA key. Only when you fill that in you'll be able to gain access to your feedback.


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