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It is our philosophy that you can only consistently pursue a successful career if you utilize your talents in a professional role that suits your nature. We would like to help you to achieve this. In this process, it is crucial that you understand how your behaviour originates, so that you can make optimal use of your talents, and learn how to develop them further.

The origin of our behaviour.

Most of us think that we make well-considered decisions and behave rationally. However, this is usually not the case. Most of our behaviour and choices are determined by subconscious processes. Since the time of the Ancient Greeks, we have tried to find the source of these processes. For a long time we could not come up with anything better than a ‘black-box’ approach to our subconscious. Recent scientific research, however, has changed this.

Biological identity.

With the rise of neurosciences and the progress made in genetics and endocrinology, our knowledge of the subconscious has grown spectacularly. Our behaviour proves to depend largely on the way in which several biological systems have developed in our brains. This is called ‘biological identity’.

Develop the right mindset.

Your biological identity can be regarded as a personal filter between you and your experience of the world. It influences how you regard other people and how you judge situations. To illustrate this: Some people really enjoy social contact, seeking to help others at all times, and as a result they have a need to please. Others are always enthusiastic about taking on new challenges, but are therefore more easily distracted, and find it hard to finish projects. We help you to develop the right mindset to cope with this, and teach you how to control it.

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