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Use your biological strengths to enhance professional success.

BrainCompass is an innovative assessment platform for professionals that empowers the development of professionals from a biological view. BrainCompass puts the brain and its development as the center point. We draw up your personal Compass on the basis of a neuro scientifically validated personal development assessment and a unique DNA analysis.

By offering this personal and biological profile we help you gain knowlegde and insight in how to further develop or use your natural talents. This will allow you to grow towards your goals within your professional role.

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Welcome to you.

You are unique. The way in which your brain processes and stores information and influences behaviour is different from anyone else. In order to develop as a professional in a targeted way, it is crucial that your development plan is geared to your biological identity. We help you to do this in four steps:

DNA analysis

DNA forms the basis of the talents you were born with. Using DNA analysis, we investigate where your talents stem from.
Why DNA?


Later on, life experiences determine your further development. This is identified in a neuro scientifically validated (online) development assessment.
Scientific basis

Online feedback

The results of your (online) personal development assessment are combined with your DNA analysis results, to provide full insight into your biological identity.
What can I do with the results?

Development programme

You can immediately use your BrainCompass (feedback rapport) as a starting point for a targeted development programme in the form of coaching, training, education, or blended learning.

Reliable & Transparent.

We are driven by our desire to develop and share knowledge. Therefore, a BrainCompass is based on over 25 years of scientific research. Would you like more background information about the validity of our models? Read our scientific publications.








DNA analyses

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Leanne Valom

Business Development Specialist at AKD

What is my natural role in the commercial field? How did I develop? And how can I use this knowledge to continue to develop ? My commercial DNA profile has given me confidence and reveals what opportunities are open to me. Furthermore the report has been of great value to me when applying for jobs. The Compass really gives you insight into your commercial DNA.


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